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To be a volunteer you must: be 15+ years old, have a charged cell phone on race night, and be an awesome representative of Mid Week MTB Series. Please enter a name for each volunteer you are registering. Volunteer Roles: We need volunteers to help with: 1) Check-In/Registration (4pm-6:45pm) 2) Timing - XC venue (6pm-8:30pm), ME venue (4:30pm-9pm) 3) Course Marshals (4:30pm-9pm) 4) Parking (4pm-6:30pm) 5) Course Marking/Tear Down (times vary) 6) Kids Race (4pm-6:45pm)

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You are confirming that we can count on you to be a volunteer at a Mid Week MTB race series event.

We will email you a code that will get you a free race after you volunteered. The code can be redeemed for any Tuesday evening Mid Week MTB race of the same discipline (XC for XC, Mini Enduro for Mini Enduro) during the 2018 season.